TOM T. HALL Nashville Storyteller CD


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TOM T. HALL Nashville Storyteller CD


1 Mr Bojangles
2 Son Of Clayton Delaney
3 The Last Country Song
4 You Show Me Your Heart (And I'll Show You Mine)
5 Jesus On The Radio (Daddy On The Phone)
6 Soldier Of Fortune
7 People As Crazy As Me
8 The Six O'Clock News
9 The Day That Clayton Delaney Died (live)
10 I Like Beer (live)
11 I Love (live)
12 Old Dogs, Children & Watermelon Wine (live)
13 The Great Last Broadway Onion Championship Of 1978
14 What Have You Got To Lose
15 I Couldn't Live In Southern California
16 I Left You Some Kisses On The Door
17 The Old Side Of Town
18 Back When Gas Was Thirty Cents A Gallon
19 The World According To Raymond
20 I'll Go Somewhere And Sing My Songs Again