JAMES BROWN Please Please Please 2CD

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JAMES BROWN - Please Please Please 2CD


CD 1: Please Please Please 

1. Please, Please, Please 
2. Chonnie-On-Chon 
3. Hold My Baby's Hand 
4. I Feel That Old Feeling Comin' On 
5. Just Won't Do Right 
6. Baby Cries Over The Ocean 
7. I Don't Know 
8. Tell Me What I Did Wrong 
9. Try Me 
10. That Dood It 
11. Begging, Begging 
12. I Walked Alone 
13. No, No, No, No 
14. That's When I Lost My Heart 
15. Let's Make It 
16. Love Or A Game 

CD 2: Try Me! 

1. There Must Be A Reason 
2. I Want You So Bad 
3. Why Do You Do Me 
4. Got To Cry 
5. Strange Things Happen 
6. Fine Old Foxy Self 
7. Messing With The Blues 
8. Try Me 
9. It Was You 
10. I've Got To Change 
11. Can't Be The Same 
12. It Hurts To Tell You 
13. I Won't Plead No More 
14. You're Mine, You're Mine 
15. Gonna Try 
16. Don't Let It Happen To Me 

Bonus Track 

17. Good Good Lovin'