FRANK BLACK Black Sessions Live In Paris + The Kitchen Tapes 2LP

Anoise Annoys

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FRANK BLACK The Black Sessions Live In Paris Plus The Kitchen Tapes 2LP on the Anoise Annoys label ANAN V7


A1 Two Spaces 
A2 (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain 
A3 Headache 
A4 Old Black Dawning 
A5 Superabound 
A6 Calistan 
B1 The Vanishing Spies 
B2 Sir Rockaby 
B3 Big Red 
B4 The Jacques Tati 
B5 Oddball 
B6 Men In Black 
C1 Czar 
C2 Freedom Rock 
C3 (Whatever Happened To) Pong? 
C4 Thalasocracy 
C5 White Noise Maker 
C6 Los Angeles 
D1 Handyman 
D2 Modern Age 
D3 Jumping Beans 
D4 (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain

Tracks A1 to D1 were recorded live for Radio France Inter in Paris, France during 1994 and were licensed for this release from 4AD. 
Tracks D2 & D3 recorded in Frank Black's kitchen. 
Track D4 is not listed on the sleeve and appears to be an unaccompanied performance by Frank Black.