DR. JOHN The Best Of 2CD set

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DR. JOHN The Best Of 2CD set


Disc 1

1. Bald Headed
2. Scrubbin’
3. ln The Night
4. Mean Cheatin’ Woman
5. Danger Zone
6. Mama Roux
7. What Goes Around Comes Around
8. Qualified
9. Woman ls The Root Of All Evil
10. Shoo Ra
11. Quitters Never Win
12. Just Like A Mirror
13. She's Just A Square
14. Helping Hand
15. Whichever Way The Wind Blows
16. Tipitina
17. New Orleans
18. Zu Zu Man

Disc 2

1. The Ear ls On Strike
2. Loser For You Baby
3. Make Your Own
4. Bring Your Love
5. A Little Close To My Home
6. l Pulled The Cover Off You Two Lovers
7. Go Ahead On
8. The Time Had Come
9. One Late Night
10. Did She Mention My Name
11. The Grass Looks Greener
12. Storm Warning (as Mac Rebennack)
13. Foolish Little Girl (as Mac Rebennack)
14. Good Times (as Mac Rebennack)
15. Sahara (as Mac Rebennack)
16. The Point (as Mac Rebennack)
17. One Naughty Flat (as Mac Rebennack)